Sunday, February 7, 2010

Survivors: Heroes vs Villains Preview

Finally.  After almost 2 months apart we are once again united with Jeff Probst and the game we love.  Only this time we are also united with some of our favorite as well as some of our least favorite former survivors.  In what could be Probst’s last season on Survivor (his contract only runs through the end of this season, although I expect him to be back) he invites 10 former survivors who were considered “heroes” (whatever that means) and 10 who are considered “villains”  (a bit clearer).   Read on for my picks and some other predictions.
First I will say that I think they did a pretty good job of splitting up the heroes and villains.  I don’t really think Coach and Sandra are villains, but they don’t really fit in the heroes category – outside of Coach’s own mind anyway.  The villains team should be fun to watch as there are several destructive forces on that team.  Randy hates everybody.  The Russell disrespects everybody.  Rob is going to lie to everybody.  Coach Courtney are going to annoy everybody.  And Jerri will offend at least 8 people.  That team has self destruction written all over it.  Remember what The Russell did to his own tribe of innocent victims last season.  Imagine him doing that to people who will realize it and fight back.  Plus, I think he doesn’t do very well after his meltdown at the finale last year.
The heroes team has a decided physical advantage.  The guys:  Colby, JT, James, Tom, and Rupert vs Coach, Tyson, Rob, Randy, and The Russell.  Who would you take?  Add in Stephenie and Amanda and the heroes team should dominate challenges.  And, with the exception of last season, the team that wins the most challenges has the players at the end.  Right now, I just can’t see it ending any other way.
Within the heroes team I have few theories about what will go down.  We can recall that Amanda, Cirie, and James were on Micronesia together and will probably gravitate to one another.  I think that Colby and JT will mesh well with James and then be brought into the alliance of James, Amanda, and Cirie.  I predict this to be the power alliance most of the game.  They will probably be able to pull a few of their other tribe mates into the fold in order to maintain their power.  Best guess to be these sixth and deciding member of that alliance is Tom.  He might bring Stephenie in, but they were never very close on Palau.  On the outside looking in will be Candice, Sugar, and Rupert.
Will all this come true?  Probably not, but I think it makes sense.  In All-Star seasons we have a better idea of how to guess the out come, going in, but there will certainly be some surprises.  I go back to the main determining factor that the heroes team will dominate the challenges.  That being said, here are my picks:

I will eliminate one (or have them eliminated for me) for the first two weeks and then ride my final three, hopefully, to the end.  Feel free to share your predictions and guesses.  Yours is as good as mine.  Hope everyone is looking forward to Thursday.


  1. I think that's a pretty decent prediction. I'm finding it really hard to predict what will happen considering how many powerful players there are. Luckily I get to watch the first episode before I have to place my picks for the office pool, so I'll have a chance to see how they interact.

  2. Hey there

    Wanted to send you a press release on the upcoming season and its one of a kind casting event, but there is not email info on your site.

    Can you let me know where to send it to? It involves and interactive contest for viewers of SURVIVOR!